Nutrition coaching for families and individuals looking to bring joy back into their eating

Nutrition coaching for families and individuals looking to bring joy back
into their eating

I bring practicality and a realistic, understanding viewpoint to the confusing world of nutrition. I’m a registered dietitian nutritionist with over 6 years of schooling and another 10+ years of work experience helping clients work towards their nutritional goals.

But I’m also a real human being who loves cookies, cheese, and cinnamon rolls just as much as you do. So, you can be sure that when you start working with me, you’re entering into a no-judgement zone. We’ll start with where you’re at and make a plan that is realistic and approachable for you.

Behind all the science and detailed research, nutrition is actually pretty simple if we let it. You’ll find no strict or complicated diets here. No self-shaming or guilt. I’ll help you bring the joy and pleasure back into food. Because food should be a source of pleasure, not a source of fear.

I’m not your typical dietitian. Consider me your new favorite non-diet dietitian who listens to your individual needs and concerns, who supports you as you create a new, positive relationship with food, and who may even give you a piece of chocolate to savor and enjoy.

i'm not your typical dietitian.


Behaviors and habits don’t change overnight. That’s why packages include 30-minute follow-up coaching sessions to touch base and hear about your successes and challenges. In between sessions, you’ll have unlimited between visit support with real time advice and encouragement – you’ll literally have access to a nutrition expert right at your fingertips! 

between visit support

step three: 

Let’s get started! During this first session, we’ll meet virtually through a secure video chat. I’ll do a full nutrition and health assessment to really get to know where you’re at – whether that’s individually or as a family. From there, we’ll talk through realistic goals that will get you started to a healthier lifestyle. 

initial session

Step two: 

Start with a free 30-minute discovery call with me before committing to any package or program. During this call, we’ll have a chance to catch each other up on where you’re at – we’ll talk about your challenges, goals, and how I can help turn those goals into a lifelong reality. 

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step one:

how it works

I’m Kara Hoerr, a Wisconsin-based dietitian who loves peanut butter, lets go of stress with a good run or swim, and finds deep satisfaction from pulling out a loaf of sourdough bread from the oven. 

hey there.

meet kara


Working with Kara was one of the best decisions I made this year. She helped me discover the foods I love and turned eating from a source of anxiety into a source of joy. 


I feel so much better, my clothes fit better, and I have more energy FINALLY. 
If you need some direction, I highly recommend Kara.


Kara explains nutrition in a way that takes the mystery out of making healthy choices. 


Kara has consistently gone above-and-beyond with her commitment to helping each of us master a fairly complex area while providing practical resources and helpful suggestions.


Kara was an excellent resource with a creative and collaborative approach to my unique needs, no cookie cutter approach.

let's work together.

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