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When my diet drastically changed, I requested a grocery store tour and expected a brief tour through one or two aisles. Kara went above and beyond! Not only did I receive a thorough tour, Kara had researched my dietary needs and had recipes waiting. She had already studied which items might work for me and had them on hand for me to decide if I wanted to try. It really relieved a lot of the initial stress of a major change and helped set me up for success! She also quickly responded to a couple follow-up questions I had, and was a great help. 


As a busy professional middle-aged woman, I found it time to learn more about eating healthy while on the go. Kara was an excellent resource with a creative and collaborative approach to my unique needs, no cookie cutter approach. I am meeting my goals of eating on the go, not starving myself, and watching my health improve.


Kara has consistently gone-above-and-beyond with her commitment to helping each of us master a fairly complex area while providing practical resources and helpful suggestions. Kara has also fostered a warm and supportive environment. It isn't often that individuals hold themselves to such a high measure of performance and consistently reach it, but Kara is extraordinary. 


Kara explains nutrition in a way that takes the mystery out of making healthy choices. 

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I reached out to Kara to improve energy levels during athletic training. During our first session together, she clearly explained the weak and strong points of my diet and gave me some advice for simple but impactful changes. After 3 weeks of making these changes, I definitely have more energy while training, get fatigued less quickly, and in general feel less tired throughout the week. I'm very happy I decided to work with Kara and can't wait to share my future sports achievements with her.


Kara helped me get back on track after a winter away and eating in a somewhat less–than–healthy way. Through her positive coaching and education about mindful eating, and her constant encouragement, I successfully hit my "re-set button!" I now practice mindful eating and have an arsenal of healthy snack choices, recipes, and knowledge to keep me fit for life! Highly recommend Kara, and thank you!


Kara worked with me to develop a healthier approach to food—eating better, of course, but also how to avoid eating when not really hungry and making better food choices overall. Kara will help you change your outlook on food to eat better as part of a healthier lifestyle. By changing how you look at food, she helps change the way you eat, and in turn, helps you lose weight at a healthy pace and keep it off for the long term.


Kara recommended small changes that added up to healthy eating. I eat sweets, but only on occasion. I don't beat myself up as much as I have in the past—I just move on. I feel so much better, my clothes fit better, and I have more energy FINALLY.
If you need some direction, I highly recommend Kara. She not only gives great tips on healthy eating, but she encourages you...a lot. She is so kind, knowledgeable, and flexible. She will help you in any way you'll let her.


Working with Kara was one of the best decisions I made this year. She helped me discover the foods I love and turned eating from a source of anxiety into a source of joy. In six months, working with Kara has paid off: I have more energy, I've lost almost 15 pounds, I enjoy food more, and I've lowered my Triglycerides and LDL cholesterol.


I LOVE working with Kara!! Many things have clicked with me since working with her. Prior to working with Kara I met with nutritionists working in health care clinics, but those nutritionists didn't have the amount of time within the clinical setting to work in-depth with me. I gained a whole world of knowledge about nutrition with Kara. Working with Kara is a great investment in your overall health!


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