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In addition to the three sessions, this package includes a (30 minute) follow-up phone call following the last session for a progress update and to answer questions. Recipes are provided as seen fit. All sessions are to be completed within 30 days. Clients must live 15 miles within Madison, WI.  

With meal plan in hand, let’s shop! We’ll head to the grocery store of your choice where I’ll highlight items to restock your kitchen and provide nutritional tips on what to look out for while we go through the aisles. 

step three: Nutrition store tour

Rather than fill your kitchen with random new foods, let’s make a plan first. Meal planning is one of the best tools to help you eat better and alleviate stress in your everyday life. While I’m not here to create a meal plan for you, I’ll guide you in creating your own meal plan that works for you and your family.

step two: meal planning basics

This is a legit kitchen overhaul. We’ll get you on your way to a new, healthy lifestyle with this practical, real-life first step. I’ll come into your home and assess your refrigerator and pantry. What’s working and what’s not? Is your yogurt as healthy as you think it is? What about the cereal in your cabinet? Looking for new ways to use the lentils collecting dust in your pantry? We’ll tackle each cabinet one shelf at a time.  

step one: pantry & fridge assessment


You know you need to make a change, but how do you actually start? This package is like pressing the reset button in your kitchen. Think of it as a refrigerator and pantry makeover and the most practical, real-life application to making a healthier lifestyle change today.

In a series of three in-home sessions, I’ll come to you! While still remaining a no-judgement zone, I’ll encourage you in the areas you’re excelling in and identify others where you could benefit from a simple swap. I’ll never force you to throw away food and I won’t make a list of foods that are banned. All foods are allowed. Instead, we’ll simply focus on ways to make the healthy choice the easy choice. By the end of the three sessions, you’ll be a meal planning pro who is confident in his or her kitchen.

press the reset button in your kitchen.

refrigerator reset

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The one-hour tour can be at the grocery store of the client's choice. The grocery store must be within 15 miles of Madison, WI. Current and active clients receive 50% off tour price. 

Feel like you’re stuck in an eating rut? Overwhelmed with all the options at the grocery store? I understand! You want to feed your family with the best foods possible. I worked as a retail dietitian for five years and witnessed firsthand the struggle individuals and families had on what to put into their cart.

Grocery stores today are filled with thousands of products and marketing can be deceiving, leading you to falsely believe something is the best choice for you and your family’s health. Let me come along side you as we navigate the aisles together. I’ll listen to where you and your family are right now, answer your questions, identify what to look for on food labels, point out foods you could benefit from, and give healthy alternatives to foods you want to limit.

A nutrition store tour is ideal for anybody with specific health concerns, such as diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol, or food intolerances/allergies. We’ll tailor the store tour to meet your individualized needs.

to get you out of a food rut.

nutrition tours

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Cost of groceries not included in the package price. Prior to the class, we’ll decide on a menu appropriate for your family. I will provide you with a grocery list a week prior to the class. Any kitchen utensils or appliances not available in your home will be brought to be used during the class. Set-up and clean-up included for this 2 to 3-hour class. Clients must live 15 miles within Madison, WI. 

Research shows that kids who are involved in the kitchen during meal prep are more likely to eat the foods they have made, plus gain valuable skills that are often lacking as they grow older. But sometimes us adults could use some tips and learn new skills in the kitchen, too! Rather than having a class that involves just the kids, it’s important to learn how to cook together as a family.

If you want to learn how you can include your kiddos in the dinnertime meal prep more regularly or are just looking for a fun opportunity that includes the entire family, this class is geared for you! No matter what the ages, I’ll come to your home with recipes and tasks for all skill levels from tearing fresh parsley or setting the table to dicing vegetables and even twirling your own pizza dough (don’t worry, clean-up included!). At the end of the class, the table will be set with a delicious meal ready for your entire family to enjoy and you’ll be ready to change your next ordinary, weeknight dinnertime into a fun family time.

cook together as a family.

family cooking experience

I understand that life happens. If you need to cancel or reschedule a session or class, please notify Kara at least 48 hours in advance. Cancellations or reschedules occurring within 48 hours, or in the event of a no-show identified as 15-minutes past scheduled start time of session, will result in either one session being deducted from your purchased package or the loss of the package entirely, depending on the nature of the package. All purchased packages from Kara Hoerr Nutrition, LLC are nonrefundable. All packages must be used within three months of purchase date, unless otherwise noted. 

cancellation policy.


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