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Whether you’re just starting solids with your little one, finding mealtimes frustrating, or are wanting to learn how to raise a lifelong intuitive and adventurous eater, there’s an online course for you here. 

I’m all about practicality—straight to the point and tips you can put to use right away. I’m a registered dietitian nutritionist who knows the importance nutrition plays for our kiddos, but I also know the reality of how challenging it can be to feed your kids sometimes. These courses will put a few more tools in your parenting tool belt to help you feel confident when it comes to feeding your kids. 

All courses are video-based and can be accessed whenever it’s convenient for you. I know that your time is limited and precious! That’s why each lesson is short in length, containing only the most valuable information you need to start making changes TODAY. Are you ready for happier meal times? It’s time to get started!

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Just when you feel like you have the hang of feeding your baby, it’s time to start introducing solids! Even if it’s not your first child, it can feel overwhelming: Do you offer solids before or after your milk feeds? What solids are safe first foods for baby and what ones should be avoided? Is baby-led weaning the right choice for your baby?

These questions and many more will be answered in this online course. It'll help you navigate the feeding process so you have a confident self-eater by 12 months! Raise an adventurous eater from the very first bites of food.

• when your baby is ready for solids
• what nutrients your baby may be missing
• when to introduce top-allergen foods
• what is baby-led weaning and how it can help prevent picky eating later in life
• how to offer food to baby
• what to avoid doing when feeding baby
• when to offer food and when to give milk feeds
• recommended first foods and how to prepare them
• differences between gagging and choking
• when and how to transition from bottle to cup
• what cups, utensils, and chairs will help baby enjoy eating

start feeding your baby with confidence.


in this course, you'll learn:

I'm ready to raise a confident eater!

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I'm ready to end the mealtime battles!

in this course, you'll learn:

Are you currently on the mealtime struggle bus with no stop in sight? You’re not alone! And the good news is that it doesn’t have to stay this way! Many parents struggle without realizing that there are doable and simple solutions to help RIGHT NOW. 
This online course will walk you through manageable steps to stop the tantrums and bargaining (you know what I’m talking about!). It all starts with small changes in your food parenting approach in order to help your child feel more confident and comfortable at the table. 
Our goal is to help you raise an intuitive and adventurous eater. It all starts here! 

• what’s causing your child to be pickier right now (even if he was an amazing eater before!) 
• how you may be unintentionally doing more harm than good for your child 
• what your job is when it comes to mealtimes and what things you can leave up to your child 
• how to stop being a “short order cook” but still be confident your child won’t leave the table hungry 
• how much food is enough (or too much) to put on your child’s plate 
• answers to common concerns from parents just like you (like what to do if you feel like your child isn’t eating enough protein or only eats carbohydrates) 
• what nutrients your child needs to ensure adequate growth 
• phrases you say that may actually be making mealtime more of a struggle 
• examples of what to say to your child when there’s push back at mealtime 
• what to do when your child makes a mess or starts to play with his food 
• how to prevent food jags (when your child only wants to eat the same thing over and over again) 
• what it means to offer a “safe plate” and how this can help 
• creative ways to make mealtime fun again 
• so much more! 

bring joy back to mealtimes.



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